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#10002S The Divine Liturgy

A Complete recording of the Divine Liturgy, including responses. Great for those wanting to learn the daily music of the church for singing purposes. Each recording comes with a supplement of the entire liturgy in both Greek & English.

 Price $20.00 each

#10003S The Greek Folks Songs

This CD is a collection of old & current Folk songs. The CD includes instrumental music from the Oboe, Bouzouki, French Horn, etc.

The Songs are the following:

  • Gerakina
  • Misirlou
  • Den Tha Xehaso – I’ll never forget
  • Enas Pefkos – The Pine Tree
  • Anaspse To Tsigaro- Light my Cigarette
  • Anatoliko Klouvatou
  • Horus Tu Zalongu – The Dance at Zalongu
  • Na Ti Tha PI Elada – This is Greece
  • Eiha Mian Agapi – I once had a love
  • Pedia Tou Pirea – The Boys of Pireus
  • Voskopoula – The Shepherd Girl
  • Kato Sto Yiallo – At the Sea Shore

Price $20.00 each

#10001S Treasure Of Byzantine

This CD contains chants and choral settings of various liturgical troparia of the liturgy.

Price $20.00 each

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The Treasure of Byzantine Cd

The Divine Liturgy Cd

The Greek Folks Songs

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You can purchase our Cds at the Following outside vendors:
Holy Cross Book Store “The Divine Liturgy” $21.95 each
GreekShops “The Divine Liturgy” $21.95 each and “Treasure of Byzantine” $18.00 each